QES Policy




AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA is aware of the relevance of the sector in which it operates and of how it influences people’s quality of life, both in terms of drinking water abstraction, treatment, adduction and distribution systems and the collection, transportation and treatment of wastewater and solid waste and also water analysis.


Accordingly, it believes it is fundamental to integrate the aspects of quality, environmental, safety and health management into an umbrella management approach, which makes it easier to pursue the objective of sustainable development in the economic, financial, technical, social and environmental areas.


Similarly, we are committed to comply with legislation applicable to our activities, as well as all other requirements we have taken on, including regulatory and contractual rules.


The responsibilities taken on with respect to Shareholders, Employees, Customers, Consumers and the Community in general imply the adoption of a strategy to continuously improve the efficacy of the Integrated Management System in terms of Quality, the Environment and Health and Safety. This is reflected in a commitment present in the daily operations of all those forming part of these Organisations, and embodied by the following:


1 | Customers - The focus of our attention

Continuously improve service levels to the end consumer, in terms of guarantee of the quality of the water quality supplied and the reduction of supply interruptions;

Develop and improve the relationship with the end consumer by simplifying commercial processes and investing in alternative products / services according to their needs and expectations;

Ensure the economic sustainability of the Concessionaires, supporting their management, promoting planning and making the necessary investments;

Promote internal communication and also communication with Customers, Consumers and Suppliers as a means of improving the efficiency of the activities undertaken;

Optimise the operation of the wastewater treatment and disposal systems;


2 | Better environment, better quality of life, better quality of service

Take steps to promote the efficient use of resources, to minimise and appropriately manage waste and prevent pollution;

Acknowledge the sensitive nature of the environment and the need to protect water resources, steering the activities so as to minimise the respective impact, namely by accompanying technological progress and applying principles for the protection of the environment at all stages of the business;

Define objectives and targets in these areas, in the context of the defined strategy, plan initiatives conducive to their performance and measure and evaluate the results obtained.


3 | Human Resources – Professional Development, Qualification and Skills

Engage all employees in the ongoing improvement of their activities, fostering focus on the customer in order to satisfy their expectations, and also adopt good practices regarding the environment and safety;

Provide employees with the motivation and the technical skills and training necessary for them to perform their roles, also making them aware of their responsibilities concerning the protection of the environment and safety at work;

Provide a risk-free working environment for the safety of people and property, which contributes to:

The commitment to prevent injuries and health problems;

Disclosure of the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy to all Employees and make it available to Customers, Consumers, Suppliers and the Community in general.


AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA is a socially and environmentally responsible Organisation, undertaking a commitment to continually improve its activities, products and services, as well as its environmental performance and health and safety conditions, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Society.