Luságua has an internal maintenance structure, dedicated to the performance of the maintenance actions that require a high level of expertise. The work with a lesser degree of specialisation remains in the remit of local maintenance teams.


The workshops have team members specialised in maintenance work and they are strategically located: in the centre of the country in Alcanena, and in north Portugal, in Braga.


The team consists of members specialised in the fields of maintenance, electro-technical engineering, computers, instruments, electromechanical engineering and electricity, possessing several years of experience in the management and maintenance of wastewater treatment and pumping systems.


It is essential to invest in the qualification of the maintenance area since this field is essential to the correct functioning of the infrastructure managed by Luságua. Hence, Luságua holds a Public Works Licence, issued by INCI (Portuguese Institute of Construction and Real Estate).


Maintenance​ Coordination

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