Product: Gestão Integrada de Perdas de Água




The Commitment


Support and build the capacity of the utilities managing wastewater collection and treatment systems in the implementation of an integrated water loss management (IWLM) programme, in the perspective of defining a strategy based on Sustainability and Efficiency goals. The aim is to guarantee the continuity and quality of the service without overlooking the main objectives, the criteria in the investment required, meticulous operation of the systems and care in the management of assets to extend their life.



Integrated water loss management (IWLM)


The importance of managing water loss is recognised in the present and future context as a paradigm faced by the utilities of the sector. The aim is to pursue the improved efficiency of water supply systems, the relevance of which is unquestionable in economic, social and environmental terms.


However, the implementation of a proactive strategy for water loss management requires an integrated approach to a significant amount of information that requires time and analysis skills which, in most cases, are not consistent with the rapid need for action and the resources available in the utilities. Many difficulties have also been noted regarding the sector’s effective response to this problem.


LUSÁGUA has focused its activities on searching for new engineering solutions and technological tools, in order to equip its companies with the tools to support the optimisation and efficient management of supply systems.


Accordingly, and in order to promote an integrated water loss management (IWLM) strategy, LUSÁGUA has developed an innovative approach based on innovative techniques and tools that fosters operational implementation and effectiveness. This enables the evaluation of the extent of the problem, the definition of operational strategies and the implementation of physical and operational work.



Process of implementation


The different and integrated approach to water loss management is a tool to support technical management, which is based on a sound and current technical-scientific basis, tailored to the needs of each entity. It is supported by the following areas of action:




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