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Luságua Laboratory


The Luságua Laboratory was born into the AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA Group. It is the benchmark in water quality control within the activities developed by the group companies, whether water supply or the operation of systems for collecting and treating wastewater.


The Luságua Laboratory began operating in 1999, and since then it has extended the scope of its activity to the market outside the group. By 2014 it had built a diversified portfolio of clients, which include the utilities of supply systems, municipalities and industries, among others.





The Luságua Laboratory is located in Albergaria-a-Velha. It benefits from its proximity to the A25 and A1 motorways, a fact that allows its technical officers and sampling equipment to be rapidly relocated to customers.


Its headquarters are in the building of the Association of Carvoeiro-Vouga Municipalities. It consists of different functional areas, which reflect a high degree of organisation and functionality:


  • Samples reception;
  • Microbiology;
  • Physical and chemical analysis of drinking water and natural water;
  • Physical and chemical analysis of wastewater and sludge;
  • Atomic absorption.



Human Resources


The human resources of the Luságua Laboratory are one of the key elements to the success of the service provided. It has qualified staff that receive ongoing technical training and qualification, aimed at the roles performed.





The Luságua Laboratory is accredited by IPAC according to the Portuguese NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, which defines the "General Expertise Requirements for Testing and Calibration Laboratories". It is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of its customers.




Anexo Técnico do Laboratório Luságua

Acreditação intermédia flexível




The Luságua Laboratory is accredited for the collection of samples for physical-chemical testing and microbiological testing of human drinking water and microbiological parameters in swimming pools, providing quality assurance in sampling procedures.


This assurance comprises good professional practice and the quality of the tests supplied to customers.


The Luságua Laboratory is also on the list of suitable laboratories ERSAR.






The Luságua Laboratory is accredited by the NP EN ISO / IEC standard implemented since 2002. It has several accredited tests, including the parameters of water for consumption, natural water, swimming pools and wastewater, as well as samples for the physical-chemical parameters of water for human consumption and microbiological parameters of drinking water and water for swimming pools.


The Luságua Laboratory has established agreements with accredited and highly qualified (nationally and internationally) laboratories, with the customer's needs at the centre of its attention and whenever the analytical characteristics require such. This capacity allows it to respond to a wide range of parameters in different matrices.


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